ICL Speciality FertiliserCategory:  Fertilisers and Substrates
Manufacturer:  ICL Professional

ICL brands have been leading the way in horticulture for nearly 50 years, from Levington professional growing media, to their patented controlled release fertiliser Osmocote. ICL promote their Speciality Fertiliser products under their Grow, Nurture and Protect system:
Grow - As well as the best quality UK peat resource at our state-of-the-art production facility, ICL also use some of the best substrates as standard, to make sure that your growing media performs to its maximum capacity when it is delivered to your door.
Nurture - ICL Specialty fertiliser group has industry leading research and development facilities to help continuously improve their market leading products, keeping them at the cutting edge of horticultural technologies. With brands such as Osmocote, Universol and Peters you can trust that when you need to provide the best care for your plants, our ICL products are guaranteed to perform.
Protect - Plant protection is key to maximising your crop yield and plant quality. ICL have products to protect your plants safely throughout the growing cycle. With brands such as Pitcher and products from Alltech such as Vitanova, your crops are in safe hands.

ICL also manufacture substrates under the Humax and Levington Advance brands. ICL produce high quality UK peat substrates at their state-of-the-art production facility, they also use the most advanced and responsibly resourced substrates as standard to make sure that your growing media performs to its maximum capacity when it is delivered.

Where can I buy ICL substrate, growing media, compost and fertiliser? 
Dejex support ICL by distributing their substrate products and providing expert advice and support on substrate recipes. The Humax and Levington Advance ranges produced by ICL are available in the following forms:
• 75lt Bag standard and custom mixes.
• 2.7m³ Bulk Bags
• 3-4m³ Compressed Bales for bale breakers.
• Loose Bulk delivered on walking floor lorries.

Dejex also supply a range of ICL fertilisers including:
• Osmocote controlled release fertiliser
• Universol water soluble fertiliser
• Peters Professional water soluble fertiliser
• Vitanova range from Alltech